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About Us

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About Us

Derbybeech Ltd is a family run business with founder and MD Barry Stevens at the helm. Assisted by his two sons and a close, long serving team of colleagues Barry has grown Derbybeech into one of the most respected and experienced companies in the industry.

Our team members range from veteran managers with 40 years of service to some of the best and brightest architectural graduates, who ensure that all the experience around them is used to support fresh and innovative thinking.

Our approach is based around tailoring our products to meet your exacting needs. Permanent, temporary or a building refurbishment, whatever you need, we can provide. With a range of established construction methods at our disposal we can ensure your budget is used effectively to produce buildings that have everything you want and nothing wasted on the things you don’t.

Establishing our product range and services over many years has allowed us to offer and entirely one stop shop for modular construction. From initial designs to handing over the keys to your completed building we can arrange every step along the way with confidence and experienced professionalism.

About Modular Construction

The speed and environmental benefits of constructing buildings within a factory controlled environment are clear to many but what may not be clear is the exceptional quality achievable through modern offsite construction. Far from the pre-fabs of yesteryear our products are designed for a 60 year life, providing highly energy efficient environments for almost any activity you wish. Our range of external appearances has never been greater. With renders, timber cladding, brick skins and fully glazed curtain walls, our buildings stand shoulder to shoulder with any traditionally constructed building, matching them in appearance and performance and far surpassing them in speed of construction. Rain, wind and snow, nothing stops our buildings being built.

About You

We want to know about you! Are you curious about what we can deliver for you? How fast can we deliver? What will it cost? If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit from one of our friendly team who can talk you through your project, obligation free. We cover the whole of the UK and are happy to meet you at a time and location that suits you.

Why not arrange a factory visit and see for yourself how we turn timber, steel and experience into schools, hospitals and any type of building you can think of.